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Two New Amex Offers for June 2024

Check your AMEX account as two new offers have been added today. While nothing jaw-dropping, these offers are fairly general and easy for anyone to...

The Ultimate Zakynthos Travel Guide

https://youtu.be/v7K-s5DQNBg?si=mXFfln6F2PvfdQO5 During my trip to Greece in 2022, I had the absolute pleasure of exploring one of the the most beautiful Islands, Zakynthos. While most tourists...

Scotiabank Amex Gold Card: Eat Well Travel Smart

Who doesn't love food and travel? If you don't, please leave my blog. Just kidding. But seriously, isn't dining out and exploring new destinations top priorities...

Firsty eSim: Too Good to Be True or the Real Deal for Travelers?

It's no secret that the eSims have made our travel so much easier. eSim providers like Airalo allow us to have a data connection...

Review: RYSE Autograph Collection – where style meets hospitality

During my visit to Korea in 2022, I wanted to go for a night out on my last day. Typically, I'm a huge fan of...

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