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Scotiabank Amex Gold Card: Eat Well Travel Smart

Who doesn’t love food and travel?

If you don’t, please leave my blog.

Just kidding.

But seriously, isn’t dining out and exploring new destinations top priorities for Millennials and Gen Z?

In this post, I’ll be revealing my favorite credit card that complements this lifestyle:

Scotiabank American Express Gold Card, a game-changer for Canadians looking to maximize their dining and travel experiences.

Earn Big on Groceries and Restaurants

Imagine earning 5-6% back in rewards every time you shop for groceries, dine at your favorite omakase spot, or order food delivery on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

With the Scotiabank Amex Gold card, you can.

For a minimalist like me whose primary expenses are groceries and the occasional dining out, it’s a no-brainer.

This card gives 6 Scene+ points per dollar spent at select grocery stores like Sobeys, Safeway, Foodland, and FreshCo.

(We’ll talk about Scene+ points in detail later, but for now consider it as 1 Scene+ point = $0.01)

Generous earning rate on food and entertainment purchases

For example during my grocery run last weekend, I earned 508 points from a $84.71 purchase, just by paying with my Scotiabank Amex Gold card.

Plus, I earned an extra 400 points from the promotions run by the grocery store itself.

So in total, thats 908 points earned, which is worth about $9.

That’s more than a 10% return on my spending, which is extremely generous.

You might be wondering…

What if I don’t grocery shop much but dine out and order food delivery?

Don’t worry, this card has got you covered.

Whether you’re dining out at your favourite restaurant or ordering some chicken nuggets on UberEats after a party night,

you will earn 5 points per $1 spent.

I love Thai food

Redeem Easily on Travel Purchases

How many times have you been frustrated when you finally tried to book a trip using your hard-earned points?

Confusing currency, complex redemption process, strict rules can be overwhelming.

Luckily, with the Scotiabank Gold Amex card, it’s INCREDIBLY EASY.

You can literally book a trip however you want on sites like Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnb, etc at a rate of 1 cent per point. (or 100 points = $1)

Simply charge the payment to the card, and then redeem points to offset the expense.

For example, I made a trip to Belleville last month to see the total eclipse.

I booked one night at Hampton Inn & Suites Belleville for $109.88 and paid with my Scotiabank Gold Amex card.

Once the transaction posted, I simply signed in to my Scotiabank account, and redeemed 10,988 points for this purchase.

It took maybe 5 mouse clicks in total, and that was it!

Few days later the amount showed up as statement credit, covering my hotel bill.

BYOT stands for Book Your Own Travel

I know this wasn’t some aspiring trip in the Maldives or anything,

but the fact that all I did to earn these points was to simply use the card for filling up my hungry stomach for the past few months is quite impressive.

When traveling to Asia, these points go even further due to more affordable hotel options.

With the same amount of points from above, I could’ve stayed for almost a week in a hotel with a pool and complimentary breakfast in Thailand.

iWualai Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand ($18/night during my stay)

Other Perks & Benefits

There are even more benefits with this card,

but since I want to keep this article short, I’ll briefly list them:

  • Earn 3 Scene+ points per dollar spent on gas, transit, and streaming services.
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Access to Amex Offers
  • Strong travel insurance

Honestly, it’s like The Giving Tree of credit card.

Current Amex Offers available on Scotiabank Amex Gold card

Final Thoughts

With high returns on groceries and dining, easy travel redemption, and a host of other perks,

the Scotiabank Amex Gold Card is a robust card that every Canadian should definitely look into.

It’s a game-changer for food and travel lovers.

I highly recommend giving it a try to see how it can transform your food and travel adventures!

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