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How to Score Hotel Room Upgrades Every Time (Free Template Included)

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This is the question I get asked the most from my friends.

But truth be told, I couldn’t possibly afford all those suite rooms!

In reality, here’s a snapshot of me travelling typically: sleeping in a 8-bunk bed hostel room..

Me sleeping in a hostel (frankly, I love this hostel – Bedbox Athens)

However, when I’m traveling with friends, family or a girlfriend(fingers crossed), this dorm-style lodging isn’t an option.

In those scenarios, I aim to book stays at reputable hotels like Marriott, Hilton, or Hyatt.

And when I do, I always thrive to secure a room upgrade to maximize the value of these not-so-budget-friendly bookings. (gosh hotel prices are getting out of control!)

Ok, So…How do you ACTUALLY get an upgrade?

Well, there’s an ancient technique that’s been known for decades.

1. Show up at the hotel front desk

2. Give them an awkward smile with seaweed stuck between your teeth from sushi

3. Ask them how’s their day’s been (although you don’t even care if they stepped on a dog poop on their way to work or something)

4. Then in the sweetest voice you can muster, inquire if there’s any chance of a room upgrade.

Congratulations! You’ve been upgraded from a Standard Twin room to a Deluxe Twin room with free water bottles!


Obviously, this isn’t the type of upgrade we’re seeking for. RIGHT?

This is where “Suite Talking” comes into play, the secret travel hacking technique I’m going to reveal today.

This will drastically increase your odds of successfully going from a “basic room without running water” to a “hot tub on the balcony with sunset view room”.

This technique has worked wonders for me, getting me into some spacious suites like this one at the Bangkok Marriott Surawongse.

Residential Suite – Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse

Hold on, what’s suite talking?

It’s the act of proactively reaching out to the hotel few days before check-in to request a suite upgrade.

It can be done via email, phone, text message, or hotel’s in-app chat feature. (I find the in-app chat to be most effective)

You’ll be surprised how effecting suite-talking can be in enhancing your hotel stays.

While having Elite status with the hotel can significantly increase your chances of success, I’ve also found success with this method at hotels where I don’t have any status at all.

So, how do you ACTUALLY suite talk?

In my experience, using the chat function on hotel’s dedicated app tends to work the best.

Usually a day or two before your check-in date, a chat feature will be enabled within the app, allowing you to communicate with the hotel staff.

In your message, you’ll want to include a friendly greeting along with a subtle hint that you’d appreciate a room upgrade.

It’s essential not to demand an upgrade outright,

but rather explain how an upgrade would enhance your travel experience.

(you’d be surprised how many people I see during check-in straight up asking “can you give me an upgrade?”)

Here is an example of me requesting for an upgrade at Berlin Marriott hotel in Germany.

As you can see from the screenshot, most of the time, you won’t receive an immediate confirmation of the room upgrade.

This is because the hotel would want to leave that suite room available until the day of your check-in, in case a last minute guest decides to book it.

Based on my experience, I normally get these upgrades confirmed on the morning of my check-in day.

Upgraded to an Executive Room in Berlin Marriott Hotel

Sometimes, they may send you a message confirming that your upgrade has been approved.

However, if they don’t, just keep an eye on your app from time to time.

You’ll likely notice that your reservation has been upgraded to a suite room.

Final Thoughts

While the suite-talking technique is never guaranteed to work, there is absolutely no harm in trying it out.

It doesn’t cost you anything, and you never know—you might just end up with a fantastic upgrade!

Here are two message templates for you to effortlessly try this technique for your next stay. (Just replace bolded parts, copy and paste!)

Please let me know in the comments if this technique worked for you!

Suite Talking Template #1 (staying at a new hotel)

Suite Talking Template #2 (re-visiting a hotel)

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