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Earn Points on Your Airport Lounge Visits: Smart Traveller App

Did you know that you can earn points on your airport lounge visits?

Even if you’re visiting for FREE through your credit card benefits?

That’s right. In this post, I’ll guide you through Plaza Premium Group’s loyalty program called Smart Traveller.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Smart Traveller Program?

Smart Traveller is a loyalty program that allows you to earn Arrture Points by visiting Plaza Premium Lounges.

The beauty of this program is that you earn points regardless of how you accessed the lounge.

Yes, that includes free entry through your credit cards, airline statuses, and business class tickets.

You might be wondering…

Why would a lounge access provider come up with loyalty program when many travellers have complimentary access through credit cards?

1. Competition and customer retention

Many airports around the world offer multiple lounge options to passengers.

While many travellers have complimentary access, some may be willing to pay to bring in additional guests.

A loyalty program can incentivize them to select Plaza Premium Lounge over other competing lounges.

Services under Plaza Premium group

2. Partnerships and Advertising

Plaza Premium Group extends beyond just offering lounges; it encompasses various other airport services such as:

  • Hotels (Aerotel)
  • Concierge services
  • A variety of food and beverage options

Clearly, Plaza Premium aims to familiarize you with and foster loyalty towards all the brands within their portfolio.

How to Join Smart Traveller Program?

Just like other loyalty programs, Smart Traveller is available to everyone worldwide for free.

Simply fill out the form with your basic information, referral code, and verification code. (Feel free to use my referral code FSFVLH 🙂)

It’s that straightforward – you’re now a member!

Make sure to also download the app as it holds your membership details and the QR code you need to show for accruing points during your lounge visits.

Furthermore, you’re immediately eligible for the following discounts upon signing up:

  • 20% discount on paid Plaza Premium Lounge visits
  • 10% discount on paid Plaza Premium First visits
  • 10% additional discount at Aerotel
  • 10% discount on Go City Pass purchases
  • Up to 10% discount at Avis Car Rental

How to Earn Arrture Points

Earning Arrture Points is quite simple.

Whenever you visit a Plaza Premium Lounge, simply present your Smart Traveller membership QR code to the lounge staff.

It’s worth mentioning that you should proactively request the crediting of your Arrture points.

Because based on previous experiences, lounge attendants may not have in-depth knowledge of this program.

Plaza Premium Lounge

  • 100 Arrture Points for complimentary entry (via credit cards, airline invitations, travel passes, corporate deals, etc).
  • 150 Arrture Points for paid entry (via online bookings and walk-ins).

Plaza Premium First

  • 150 Arrture Points for complimentary entry (via credit cards, airline invitations, travel passes, corporate deals, etc).
  • 300 Arrture Points for paid entry (via online bookings or walk-ins).

💡Quick note:

  • Birthday Bonus: You’ll earn double points on your birthday month.

Promotion: until end of 2023, you can earn bonus points through referrals. Refer three friends and you get 200 Arrture points, and when each one of your referrals makes a points-earning activity, you get an extra 100 points.

How to Redeem Arrture Points

So, what can you do with these points?

Needless to say, you can redeem your points for lounge visits.

But that’s not all…

You can also redeem them for premium drinks, gift cards, merchandise, and more.

To view the catalogue and redeem, click on the Redeem tab on the app or the Rewards tab on the website.

Here are some examples of redemption options at Toronto Pearson airport:

Most of the merchandise and gift cards available for redemption are primarily intended for use in Hong Kong, where Plaza Premium Group is headquartered, although you’ll also find some options for Canada and the United States.

Final Thoughts

Considering that a single visit to a Plaza Premium Lounge using your credit card only earns you 100 points, you would require approximately 15 to 25 visits to accumulate enough points for a substantial reward.

However, there’s no harm in accruing Arrture points during these visits, since you’re probably gaining lounge access for free anyway.

So yeah, go grab those extra points 🙂

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