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Review: Moxy Frankfurt City Center

If you’re travelling to Germany, your trip will most likely start from either Frankfurt or Munich.

Coming from North America, it was Frankfurt for my case.

Although many will tell you there’s not much to see in Frankfurt,

I decided to find out the truth myself, while staying a night at Moxy Frankfurt City Center.

Moxy Frankfurt City Center located right beside Residence Inn

Booking (April 2022)

With April being a shoulder season, I was lucky enough to lock my room rate at €80 for one single night stay.

But typically, the rates hover between €90-€160, with some exceptional dates costing €250-€400.

(My guess is that some popular events occur during those dates. German readers feel free to help me out here 😁)

Points booking cost around 15,500-21,000 Marriott Bonvoy Points,

so if you happen to be traveling on one of those peak dates,

I’d definitely consider redeeming my points.


The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the city, being a 5 min walk from the city center.

and the city center is about 15 mins from the airport by subway (S-Bahn: S8/S9)

Nearest subway station: Frankfurt(M)Hauptwache station

Lobby & Check-In

2nd Floor Lobby/Front Desk
Display of Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program & instructions for parking
A welcome drink voucher redeemable for any drink at the Moxy bar (including alcohol)
Redeemed the voucher for Gin&Tonic (wanted to try Moxy cocktail but unfortunately they were out of ingredients)

Room (Moxy Sleeper Room, 1 Queen)

The room was exactly what I’d expect from a Moxy brand.

1 Queen bed with a small sofa

One thing I liked about the room is that the window could be opened.

I just like to get some fresh air in the morning.

(I also need that window open while eating my instant noodles at night 😝)

You’ll be surprised at how many hotel rooms don’t have an openable window

The bathroom was small but clean.

Lack of bathtub was not a big deal, as I was staying only for a night.

Bathroom & Shower (No bathtub)

However, I’d like to mention a couple of points.

  • Unfavourable toiltries

This may vary person to person, but I’m not a fan of hair & body wash 2-in-1 solution.

However, this is quite standard for Moxy Hotels.

if you’re not a fan of 2-in-1 like me, bring your own toiletries!
  • Weird water tap position

The water is barely touching edge of the sink.

it was extremely difficult to even wash my hands properly.

You can see the water splashed all over, but can you really blame me? 🤔


Breakfast is served in the lobby/lounge area and starts from €15.

While the price may be debatable, with my Titanium Elite Status , I was generously given a complimentary breakfast

Water & Orange Juice (quite valuable to get free water while traveling in Europe)
Variety of fruits. (funny joke on the chalkboard)
Cereal & Milk with alternative dairy option (soy milk / almond millk)
Toast w/ jam&butter, Pastries, Scrambled Eggs, and Sausages (of course we’re in Germany)
Ham, Cheese, Veggies and Yogurt
Coffee / Espresso Drinks were also available.

Lounge & Bar

The lobby serves as a lounge & bar, with food and drinks served pretty much 24hrs.

You can check out the menu here

Eat, drink, chill – all in one Moxy Lobby
Drinks Menu (Price may not be up to date – photo taken in April 2022)


While there were no gym or pool within the property,

You can ask front desk to get access to the gym&sauna located inside Residence Inn Frankfurt City Center right next door.

A set of lockers are located near the entrance to the building.

You can store your bags here if you arrive way too early,

and/or if you want to browse the city a bit more after checking out.

Ground floor locker area

The lobby area also serves as a huge open concept lounge,

where you can eat, drink, and chill.

It serves as a great environment for you to

  • get some work done (writing this blog post 🤓)
  • meet & socialize with other travellers (I love meeting new people 😁)
  • plan your itinerary for tomorrow (if you’re last minute person like me 😣)
Spacious, industrial looking lobby area

Books and board games to entertain
Foosball if you need some drunk activities

My Thoughts

Overall, I had a great stay and I would not hesitate to return if I end up being in this city again.


  • Proximity to the city center (5 min walk)
  • Ease of getting from the airport (6 subway stops from the airport)
  • Clean and cozy environment & friendly staff


  • Awful washstand in the bathroom (water splashes everywhere)
  • Average quality toiletries (2-in-1 shampoo/body wash)
  • May not be suitable for families (small rooms)
My Rating
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If you're travelling to Germany, your trip will most likely start from either Frankfurt or Munich. Coming from North America, it was Frankfurt for my case. Although many will tell you there's not much to see in Frankfurt, I decided to find out the truth myself, while...Review: Moxy Frankfurt City Center